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Icon Glossary

  • Post & share your inspiration & information with the community.
  • Discover other Qinetic users in your area & browse trending topics.
  • Message other enthusiasts, professionals & businesses
  • Notifications display who followed, liked or mentioned you.

About Our Professionals

Who are the Q-Coaches?

The Q-Coaches are some of the top fitness and nutritional professionals who have partnered with Qinetic and are providing the latest health and fitness tips to the community. Check out our ‘About’ page to learn more.

Some of our coaches as pictured on our home page


What’s a Qlick?

Qlick is a post you make to your Qinetic page to share inspiration, information, or whatever makes you happy at the current moment.

What a published post looks like on the site.

How do I make a Qlick?

Post Title: Let us know what you're talking about
Write Something: Your message, link, and or photo/video 
None Selected: Select your topics

Our simple interface for creating a Qlick or post.

After I make a Qlick, where does it go?

A Qlick lives on your profile under Qlicks.

This is how your Qlicks will look on your profile.

Who can view my Qlicks?

If your profile is public, anyone can view them.
If you are private, only people who you allow to follow you can view them.
Note: You can set this in the settings

The settings page. If you click on your name, a settings button will show.

How do I Applaud and Comment a Qlick?

To Applaud, you can hover over the Qlick and click Applaud, or click on the post, to expand it, and click the Applaud button. When the Qlick is expanded, you can Comment as well.

The blue applaud button lead to see a screen on the right to comment too.


What’s a Topic?

A Topic is a topic (Yoga, Nutrition, Motivation, etc.) which aggregates all the Qlicks related to that topic, all in one place.

How do I follow Topics?

Click on the Discover Page Icon and then toggle over to Topics. Then, click on the Topic of your choosing and you can follow that Topic.

After I follow a Topic, where can I see the posts?

You can see the most recent Topic posts that you follow in your feed. To see them all, go to the Discover Page, toggle over to Topics, and click on the Topic of your choosing.

Connecting With The Community

How do I discover What’s Trending and Connect with others?

Click on the Discover Page Icon. Here you can search for a Professional, Enthusiast or Business in your area or just browse trending topics.

How do I follow someone?

Click on the picture of someone you want to follow and you’ll get their profile pop-up. Then, just click follow.

After I follow someone, where can I see their Qlicks?

You can view their Qlicks in your feed or on their profiles.

How can I Message someone directly?

When on someone’s profile, click on the Message button in the top right hand corner. Also, you can click on the Messages icon and send a message there.

Note: As an Enthusiast, you can message other Enthusiasts and Professionals & Businesses with Premium Accounts. Professionals & Business with Non-Premium Accounts cannot message or be messaged.

Help With Navigating

How do I get to my profile?

Click on your name and select ‘View Profile’.

How do I get to my Feed?

Click on the ‘Qinetic’ icon in the navigation bar.

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Rotating Splash Images On Your Profile

Tell your story by showcasing your great personality, action shots, or amenities.

Link Your Social Media and Contact Info

Linking these to your page will allow all of your followers and the others who stumble upon your profile to contact you direct.

Ability To Message Others On Qinetic

Privately message clients, other brands, or those you want to just say hi to, directly.

Personal Calendar Use

Display your schedule of classes, events, and availability to your friends and followers.

For other questions or concerns, please contact Support@qinetic.com.