New York, NY — Qinetic, the health and fitness social platform, has recently launched a new feature to its service, which includes live streaming workouts hosted by top health and fitness professionals.  Qinetic is now offering high quality, time efficient classes you can take from the comfort of your own home, are free of charge, and are always available on demand.


Offered at various times during the week, Qinetic will not only provide engaging workouts, but also informative nutrition segments and motivational talks. Qinetic’s live-streaming classes will focus on a variety of topics such as strength and conditioning, yoga, dance fitness, and nutrition segments from some of the best faces in the industry, making it both versatile and largely appealing to a wide range of men and women.


“We wanted to eliminate all the excuses we give ourselves about why it’s okay not to workout. Whether its lack of time not being able to find classes that meet your needs, we want to make it easier to live a healthier and more fulfilled life,” say Ben Hart, CEO and co-founder. 


Qinetic has tapped some of the top names in fitness including Isaac Calpito and Shay Kostabi, among others to lead these online workouts. Isaac, celebrity personal trainer, choreographer, and Broadway veteran specializes in bringing you a fun fat burning experience with a twist of entertainment. Shay, a Bi-costal fitness instructor, trainer, and personality, brings an “express” style conditioning class for all levels to the table.


Creating amazing things with amazing people has been the cornerstone of this company and platform we continue to build upon.  Leading a healthy and fit lifestyle is about dedication and having fun; that’s what Qinetic represents. Our team and coaches are so committed to providing everyone with the best, and that’s exactly what we are doing.” Says Hart



At Qinetic, we want to make healthy living easier and more efficient by providing great quality content from some of the best faces in the industry. Qinetic live streaming allows users to experience real time workout classes with our top-ranked coaches and trainers. Our classes consist of a mix of unique fitness workouts, nutrition segments, and motivational talks that can be viewed right from the comfort of your own home and at no cost. With a variety of classes hosted at various times throughout the week, finding a class to fit your schedule is seamless, and with our "on-demand" feature, you never have to miss a class! We understand leading a healthy lifestyle has its challenges. With Qinetic Live; everyone is given the opportunity to meet their fitness goals.  We've eliminated your excuses for not making it to the gym. Turn on, tune in, and stay great.